As well as cultivating an environment based on our core values of: Trust, Respect, Equity and Excellence, we also ensure that we are developing our learners’ capital; helping them to become successful individuals, in school and beyond. The capitals we feel are imperative in growing in our learners, and which sit at the heart of what we do, are: Professional, Moral, Cultural, Knowledge, and Social. To find out more about our 5 capitals, please watch our videos where Mr Saunders, our headteacher, takes you through them in greater detail. 

Here at Honywood School, our vision is centred around creating opportunities that encourage our learners to flourish, both academically and in the development of their character; and we do this in two ways. The first being through a subject-specific curriculum which focuses on developing our learners’ knowledge capital. Our subject curricula offer is rigorous, has depth and breadth, and fosters a love of learning through all 5 years of a learner’s time at our school. We have thoughtfully considered the needs of our learners and have designed curricula which enables every child, regardless of their starting point, to make the progress that they are capable of - and beyond. 

The second way we help learners to flourish is through our character education curriculum. This is a specifically designed journey of learning which is rooted in our four core values of: Trust, Respect, Equity and Excellence. Our aim with this curriculum is to help nurture the virtuous behaviours that are so needed to succeed in society - a society that we know will be very different to the one that exists today. It is imperative that we equip our learners with the core virtues which will enable them to become successful, whatever life throws their way. One may have the knowledge to fly a plane, but do they trust themselves to do this? One may like the idea of becoming a doctor, but do they have the determination to strive for excellence in such a field? One may want to be a dancer, but do they respect the art enough to try and try again?

We are committed to developing the learner as a whole, and we believe that our curricula offer and our culture at Honywood School equips our young people for the post-Honywood world. 

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