We are very proud of our Enrichment Programme at Honywood, which provides experiences beyond the classroom. Each Cohort will be offered experiences through the academic year, either in school or on visits to develop learning outside of the classroom. 
Studying subjects in the classroom, such as Geography, is better understood when a learner can take part in field studies to the coast, either on a day or weekend visit. Cohort 10 Geographers have visited Dorset to study the Jurassic Coast; Historians have been offered the opportunity to visit Berlin, what better way to understand 20th century history than to visit a key city in Europe; Cohort 8 have visited the Science and Natural History museums; Expressive Arts learners have taken part in trips to the theatre, dance workshops and performances; Cohort 7 have taken part in residential visits to Danbury and France and each year we offer an optional ski trip to Austria  to learners from Cohort 9 to Cohort 11.  
In school, we welcome production companies to perform for example An Inspector Calls, Macbeth, Careers Week where companies visit to talk about careers and post 18 education; veterans visit to talk about the Korean war and we have been honoured to have speakers from the  Holocaust Educational trust.
We are always looking at ways of enriching the learning experience at Honywood and the Enrichment Programme provides a diverse and educational range of experiences to our learners.