Learner Leadership

The Honywood Leadership Pathway is a program designed to develop leadership skills in learners from Years 7 to 11. It follows a pyramid structure, with each level offering increasing responsibility and opportunities for leadership.

  • Years 7 and 8: learners are introduced to the Honywood Leadership Pathway through a variety of roles, such as Mental Health Champions, Learning Group Leader Captains, and TREE Ambassadors. As they participate in these activities, learners are encouraged to demonstrate the school's core values of Trust, Respect, Equity, and Excellence which are evidenced through the TREE booklets.

  • Year 9: In this year, learners can take on more responsibility as Peer Mentor Supervisors, Prefects, and Reading Mentor Supervisors. Directly supporting their younger peers with their academic and personal development. 

  • Year 10: Year 10 learners can further develop their leadership skills through roles such as Duke of Edinburgh Award participation, learning on Cohort 7 trips and have a series of leadership skills sessions. Amongst the Cohort 8 Deputy Lead Learners are appointed to oversee and supervise Reading Mentors, Peer Mentors and the Cohort 7 and 8 School Councils.

  • Year 11: The most senior cohort, Year 11, has the most prestigious leadership roles. These include the 4 Lead Learner Roles. At this stage of leadership the Lead Learners support the deputies to fulfil their duties and are deployed in important whole school events such as open evenings. 

The program offers a clear progression path, allowing learners to gradually develop their leadership abilities throughout their academic journey at Honywood. This structured approach ensures all learners have the opportunity to find their leadership strengths, develop their weaknesses and make a positive contribution to the school community.

Learner Leadership Team 2024-2025

Soha Malek

Bio to follow

Faye Longstaff

My name is Faye Longstaff and I am a lead learner at Honywood School. I applied for this position as I feel I can make valuable contributions to improving our school and helping my peers have a positive secondary education experience. My aim in this role is to help make school an inclusive space for all my peers and to find effective ways to encourage a healthy relationship with school and learning for everyone. Some of my hobbies include netball, singing and horse riding.  I am currently interested in pursuing a career in veterinary practice or marine biology.


Freddie Brooks

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Tama Ujfalusi

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