Jack Petchey

Honywood is proud to be part of the Jack Petchey Foundation Awards. Honywood is a Gold member of the scheme and each year we award nine learners with this award.
Jack Petchey Achievement Award winners are young people who have gone above and beyond to achieve – perhaps when others thought they might fail.

“The Achievement Awards are primarily about recognising those who put in the effort and do their best.” Sir Jack Petchey CBE

Each year, the scheme recognises over 12,000 Achievement Award winners and invests £3.5m through the Achievement Awards scheme. Awards mean different things to different people. The Achievement Awards are not solely for academic achievement – they can be used to recognise a personal triumph for someone who has faced a challenge, a young person who has pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone or it may be an opportunity to recognise the outstanding efforts of a team player.

A learner is nominated by their peers and staff in school. Each award winner receives a certificate, pin badge and a book from Sir Jack Petchey. They also choose how to spend a £250 grant to benefit the school. At the end of each year, all award winners are invited to attend a ceremony to be presented with a medallion in front of their families, friends and VIPs.